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We use an artisanal copper pot still, perfect for capturing the clean essence of Door County, Wisconsin flavors. It starts with a single source ground water containing natural limestone and mineral notes from the Door Peninsula. This genuine water is then pampered by technology, filtered and prepared for the still. The still, located in Door County, produces ALL the products that bear our name. This small pot creates custom runs watched carefully by our on-site distiller. As the still operates, the steel metal jacket warms the pot and transforms our grain (wheat) mash into steam. The steam becomes infused with the Distiller's unique recipes of different combinations of botanicals; cherries, herbs or other combinations of fruit. It condenses in a beautiful copper column, and is gently released as a pure, clean alcohol. These recipes, along with the natural, inherent sensory skill in capturing the heart of the run, make Door County Distillery spirits. Door County Distillery does such an exceptional job at capturing this small batch run that these classic spirits are distilled 3 to 5 times. You can taste this difference in the smooth finish.

Our brandys and whiskeys are likewise small batch, generously flavored by Door County natural ingredients like Door Peninsula cherries (and our own Shipwrecked beer) and carefully blended to achieve ultimate smoothness, tone and character.

Visit our tasting room, retail section, and craft cocktail bar to enjoy the Door County travel experience.

Open in Summer:
Daily 10am-6pm

Open in Winter:
Saturdays 10am-5pm

During the week, tastings available at Door Peninsula Winery’s wine bar.